Thursday, 26 May 2011

family past

After visiting the sculpture park at Goodwood, mum was telling me all about it and decided to put it up on the computer to show me a particularly peculiar sculpture of a creature riding a bicycle. I suddenly noticed her screen saver and asked who the people were. She said they were relatives, from her fathers family. What fabulous pictures they are. I wish that I could have met them. My grandmother married a man 35 years older than her so my grandad died when I was 3 and I never got to meet him because we were not living in this country until after he died. He sounded very eccentric and was certainly a character I should have enjoyed chatting to.

Families are strange things and it is not always easy finding out about each person because often we are not really interested until we are have families of our own. Then the problem is that not so many people are alive who remember all the intracacies of family relationships. This is often made more difficult with all the skeletons and black sheep roaming around!

We try so hard to avoid the mistakes our parents made and only end up creating a whole new set of them. Still, I would like to find out more.

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