Monday, 23 May 2011

crochet fun

After seeing a crochet blanket in a shop window some time ago, I decided to have a try myself. I am not very good and hate tidying up the back so I still need to do this! It has taken me a while as I was following a pattern from a video on the internet!

Anyway, I have since bought this book and I made the crochet flower last night. It is not too neat but I will get better. Whether I actually make any of the things in the book is debatable but I just had to have it. It is enough to dream of all the things I could make sometimes! If I had more time....

Actually I can make myself worn out just salivating over what to make next! Ever happen to you? I am going to West Dean College for a summer sampler weekend in half term and I know that I will get over excited by all the workshop activities. I can choose any 2 of 4 each day. That will be such fun! I will take my camera and blog about everything. I am getting better at keeping a photographic record, if not at taking the photos!

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