Friday, 6 May 2011

some heart felt finds

I thought that I would have a go at collecting things I like from Folksy, on the theme of hearts as I am currently making a heart design in glass as a suncatcher for a customer! I can't believe that I actually have a commission! A lovely lady saw me at the craft fair and asked if I had any lime green hearts made. I bravely told her that I could make one specially for her and she was really pleased. I made 2 and took them out of the kiln this evening. I need to complete them tomorrow and then she can decide which one she wants. ( What a buzz!)
Anyway, back to the heart theme. These ceramic buttons are gorgeous and would look fab on any crafty item such as a card, cushion or mini quilt. Or.. anywhere really! They are made by Jude Allman. She has lots of other lovely goodies for sale including a fab bird brooch.
Having started to learn how to crochet, I was taken by these sweet crocheted hearts. Marie also makes them into garlands!
How I wish my girls were still small. I always liked dressing them in handmade clothes. My middle daughter loved black as a toddler and she particularly loved a black velvet skirt and black sweatshirt with a scotty dog design so much that she only wore this for days on end. I would have to sneak into her room at night, to collect the outfit and wash it ready for the next morning. This went on for until the outfit virtually fell to pieces!
Spottydottyshop made this dress and lots of other wonderful garments too.

I know that other people simply place the items they favour, without words but that seems detached. That is why I have written about why I chose the things I have chosen. I hope you enjoyed reading about them. Do you prefer photos only or do you like to read why they have been chosen? I'd love to know.


  1. Thanks for featuring my buttons Cherie! Lovely post!

  2. My pleasure.I love all your work. I used to dabble in ceramics so I can appreciate your skill.


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