Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brighton craft fair

What an exciting day I had. I was one of the earlier arrivals and so I had plenty of time to set up my table. After a mild panic attack about where to begin, a friendly face greeted me and guided me to my space. The craftaganza crew were busy stringing up bunting, which really added to the atmosphere, while stall holders gradually turned up and the hall was a buzz. The stall holders either side of me really put me at ease and I quickly found that I was amongst friends. I had no idea how exciting it would be when I sold my first item. It was all I could do not to jump in the air and shout hurray! I have learned a lot from my first experience, which was all I expected to do. It was a delight then, to make some sales as well! Lots of people took my Moo cards ( Gosh, I wish I had created Moo, everyone seems to use them!) so more contacts were made. Now I am searching for more local craft fairs to attend. Anyone know where to look?

It was really interesting watching how people move about a craft fair. Some sidle up and peek, others smile and are willing to stop and chat, some simply don't bother to look and if you are lucky, some stay and buy! There must be a science to this game and an observer could maximise the window of opportunity. I'm sure you old hands have got it sussed, but for a newbie like me, it was fascinating. Do you stand up and greet people, look at them and smile, leave them in peace, or try to start up a conversation? I tried all these but I was too nervous to remember which ones worked because when someone did buy I was so excited that I forgot to record any details apart from the type of item they purchased. Now I am going to have to get all my birds out ot identify which ones I sold! Lesson learned. Anyway, it was a wonderful day and I am so glad that I dipped my toe into this arena.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Not much time left !

Not much time left to organise things for my first fair next week! Oh my, am I out of my depth? Will anyone come and look? Have I remembered everything? Stop worrying...Yes, now!
Crazily, and as usual, I have taken on too much, against my husbands advice. Ages ago a friend invited me to join her on a rag rugging course and I agreed because I love learning anything new. However, it is tomorrow and I really need to spend time pricing and packing my stock. Perhaps it will help me relax. Am I rambling?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

photo tips from haptree

Yippee! I have found a blogger who writes photo tips for crafters. They are brilliant too. Well worth a read. I definitely need this advice!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

new design-birds

Maybe these would make good card designs. I must investigate further. I don't know how much it would cost or even if they would be a suitable design. I do know one thing though- I MUST improve my photography skills.

I have been working on some bird designs recently. Some of these still need to be fired. I can't decide whether to add a hanging loop, to slump into dish moulds or to leave them as they are. What do you think?

spring pond

My husband will be disappointed to see the toad spawn in strings sitting in our wildlife pond because he had visions of clearing the duckweed before it rampaged across the surface. Too late now! Anyway the ramshorn snails are having a wonderful feast at least.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

spring in my garden

Don't you just love hellebores. I must plant more this year.
A while ago, I bought a box plant and decided to have a go at topiary. It seems to have worked quite well and each year I give it a little trim to maintain the shape. It looks as though it needs feeding at the moment.

I love making little collections of plants and garden tools etc. around my garden. I also recycle things as decoration- fire grate becomes stand for pot!This will look fab when the lillies come out.

craft fair dreams

I have been trying out different ways to set up my table for the craft fair in 2 weeks time. My youngest daughter found it difficult to understand why I was agonising over it so much. Oh to have the confidence of the young! Anyway, I think I know what it will look like and perhaps I can get some sleep at last. Now that she knows the craft fair is in Brighton, she has decided that she might come and help me set up before meeting up with her friends. An extra pair of hands will be great.
Fabrica,  on the corner of Duke Street,  next to the cookware shop on 26th March 11a.m.-5p.m. Exciting. If you are in the area pop over and say hello.

Friday, 11 March 2011

This months books

Yes, I know! I am late adding this months list but my day work has been a bit hectic. Anyway, I have chosen some of my favourites this time. City of Thieves is unusual because it is about a man who is set the challenge of finding a dozen eggs to save his life. Well worth a read.

Khaled Hosseini's book is so affecting and brilliantly written. It tells the story of a young girl in Afganistan who is a victim of the war. It is shocking to realise that this story takes place recently and that women are being treated in this way, not only in war zones but anywhere. It is redemptive and compulsive to read. Get out the tissues!

If you have read any of the books in my list this month, why not add your own comments?

last summer

I have just found a new blog to follow - She makes lots of lovely felted things and I was reading her latest post about how she wanted to write about a fab basket that she was proud of. I added a comment, mentioning my own basket that I made last summer when we had gone camping. I found willow at the back of our enplacement and,  having been a brownie many years ago, I was prepared with a set of secatures, and merrily cut the willow and made the basket there and then. I loved it because it was a vibrant lime green ish colour. Thank you for taking me back to that fabulous holiday.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

I really should have waited for the sunshine to take these photos. Oh well!

more glass

This afternoon I have been making some glass coasters. I love these and can't wait to see them fired.

Morning workshop

 Felt hanging outside waiting to dry in the sunshine. We were lucky today!
Above are some things I have made using felt. The needle case was made using some left over fabric and I cut pieces of handmade felt for the inner. It really makes a lovely place to keep needles and I enjoy opening up the case and seeing my felt inside.
The necklaces are a mixture of felt beads, handmade ceramic beads and polymer clay beads. Good opportunity to use up those little bits of clay and polymer!
The class had a great time making felt this morning and everyone went home with two pieces of felt and some beads! One of the ladies brought her teenage daughter along, who had done some felt before at College. She was very complimentary, saying that my class was much more fun than her previous experience and now she was excited about making more. Apologies about the quality of the photos. I couldn't wait until the morning to take them!