Sunday, 12 February 2012

two at once

I took these pictures with the ipad camera. They came out better than I imagined they would. The middle one is slightly distorted but I put it down to the angle I held the ipad at.

This is a typical scene, always more than one thing going on at a time! I nearly spilt lemon icing on the white paper! We all need more than one life to do everything that is exciting and wonderful in the world.

It is all very well promising oneself that you will spend more time being creative but that doesn't take into account life and paid work!! I feel as if I have been wandering around with my head down and can finally look up for a few days before climbing back on the carousel! I was key to send some pictures of my work to a gallery and realised that I hadn't made anything new for ages. Depressing! Anyway here are some old pics that I haven't shown you before. Maybe I can get back to making tomorrow.Opps I am writing on my new toy and don't know how to add pictures from my iPad. I will have to swop to my laptop. There must be a way though surely?