Monday, 15 August 2011

canal dreaming

 The hotel claimed to be a short distance from Bath, so we set out to walk along the canal route suggested. Although it was much further than we were led to believe, the canal boats along the river certainly made up for it. I overheard one man saying that he lived in his boat all year round and enjoyed travelling along the canal from town to town, stopping as the whim took him. It sounded so romantic!

I began to look with closer interest and discovered that some boats even used solar power to heat their water etc.

Loads of the boats had a cat or dog in tow! I love the individual style of the art work on each boat. They choose lovely names for the craft too! I had visions of me kitting a boat out with sweet little curtains and vintage china. I would be sitting alongside sketching or making something while the sun streamed down and warmed my body. The kettle would be whistling on the stove and my husband would be pottering in the galley making lunch!!
Then I suddenly thought about the practicalities of waste disposal, mainly toilet waste, and came down to earth with a bang as I realised that I hadn't seen a sluice anywhere along the banks. Nor had I noticed a tap for fresh water. Ahhh! my dream bubble popped!