Friday, 25 October 2013

thieves do prosper

While on holiday in France, camping, we were burgled! As can be seen from the rent in our tent, they were very daring- we were asleep in the tent at the time. It wasn't until 7.00 in the morning, when I rushed to find my camera to take pictures of the hot air balloon that was taking off from the site, that we noticed the gaping hole and no rucksac! My knitting bag was found a few yards away. Clearly a disappointing object, and then the rucksac turned up on the other side of the field, minus my i-phone. 

The police thought it vey exciting and the gardener described the incident as murder of a tent as far as the local police were concerned! No less the 6 gendarmes arrived, in 3 sets of 2 to take photos and talk to us.
Anyway, no phone and I had to pay £100 excess for the privilege of receiving a refurbished i-phone, probably bought off some French burglar a few days earlier!!! How unfair.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm free! I've retired and now I can do all those wonderful things I have been promising myself to do. Scary!! What if the only thing preventing me from doing them is me!

I know I need to pace myself and et maintain a challenge. At the moment I am waiting for a direction to arrive. I have sooo many things I want to do that I am in danger of doing none of them. I have been hunting through pintrest searching for inspiration and self belief.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Gosh it was cold today but I met lots of lovely people at crafts in the tower. My boat coasters seemed to draw attention from customers and so I must rush outside and make some more! Maybe even try to incorporate them into larger pieces....we'll see!

I'm getting excited about the next Brighton craft show at the weekend (2nd and 3rd March) but at the same time a bit panicky  because I need to make more work for it and next week is one of the busiest at work each evening! It all happens at once.

I really need to learn how to take more professional photos soon. I now have photoshop and am going to persuade my daughters to give me some tuition in using this to enhance my pictures. I have a new mac book and am still finding my round around that at the moment. so one step at a time!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Wood stands

I have been busy making soo many little stands for my glass today. I covered the floor in dust and then myself in paint! Now I just need to join them and fit the glass inside, ready for the next few craft fairs. Sunday at the square Tower then next weekend ( 2nd and 3rd of March), in Brighton. I love Brighton and would really like to move there but I need to persuade my husband , which is tricky. He loves our home. Don't get me wrong, so do I and we have lived here for over 29 years, but when I retire I want to be in an environment of creative energy and that is just not present where I am now.