Thursday, 26 May 2011

family past

After visiting the sculpture park at Goodwood, mum was telling me all about it and decided to put it up on the computer to show me a particularly peculiar sculpture of a creature riding a bicycle. I suddenly noticed her screen saver and asked who the people were. She said they were relatives, from her fathers family. What fabulous pictures they are. I wish that I could have met them. My grandmother married a man 35 years older than her so my grandad died when I was 3 and I never got to meet him because we were not living in this country until after he died. He sounded very eccentric and was certainly a character I should have enjoyed chatting to.

Families are strange things and it is not always easy finding out about each person because often we are not really interested until we are have families of our own. Then the problem is that not so many people are alive who remember all the intracacies of family relationships. This is often made more difficult with all the skeletons and black sheep roaming around!

We try so hard to avoid the mistakes our parents made and only end up creating a whole new set of them. Still, I would like to find out more.

Monday, 23 May 2011

crochet fun

After seeing a crochet blanket in a shop window some time ago, I decided to have a try myself. I am not very good and hate tidying up the back so I still need to do this! It has taken me a while as I was following a pattern from a video on the internet!

Anyway, I have since bought this book and I made the crochet flower last night. It is not too neat but I will get better. Whether I actually make any of the things in the book is debatable but I just had to have it. It is enough to dream of all the things I could make sometimes! If I had more time....

Actually I can make myself worn out just salivating over what to make next! Ever happen to you? I am going to West Dean College for a summer sampler weekend in half term and I know that I will get over excited by all the workshop activities. I can choose any 2 of 4 each day. That will be such fun! I will take my camera and blog about everything. I am getting better at keeping a photographic record, if not at taking the photos!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

suddenly seem to have the time

It seems that my last blog post gave me an idea for a folksy selection- time! How about this great clock with the title time for tea? Is it speaking to me? How did they know that tea time is almost all the time in my house?
 Bread and Butter have many other ceramic clocks and cute things too.

 My daughter loves coffee so this cosy would be more to her liking. Lovely fabric!
 Lots of fun ideas from this shop. I was scared of Alice in wonderland when I was small.
 This is what I call serendipity! What a perfect response for me!No time to worry...I wish! Many more suitable quotes as well.

Finally, my thoughts turned to party time and wow this dress is fabulous. It is great that such flattering styles are back and I just adore the colour! I can see myself turning round to the camera with a knowing smile, in this. Well I can dream can't I?
 I enjoyed this and it has made me realise that you can always find the time if you reallywant to. What do you think?

time to relax?

I have so much work work to do at the moment that there is no time to blog or create or draw or tweet or walk or (moan, moan moan!) Stop! The problem is that I pressure myself about not keeping my blog up to date and not tweeting enough etc etc.
Really, I should be more relaxed and chill out a bit and then somehow time miraculously appears! They do say you should be yourself when blogging and not try too hard but I am a first child and always want to achieve. Soooo please don't desert me if I have a few busy days. I will be around somewhere.

How do you manage your time? Do you worry like me? Any tips on attracting and keeping followers?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

open access

I hurriedly took these 2 photos of my work from today before it went into the kiln. I have used dichroic glass for the wings of the dragonflies and can't wait to see how they turn out. I have also been hatching a plan to make hangings for under a parasol, so need to get down to that next. I had made 3 dragonfly pieces but the final one didn't work out so I had to take the glassline paint and confetti off. I had used white confetti and it was just too pale compared to the strong colours of the wings. So I shall finish it at home and fire it later.

Friday, 13 May 2011


Colours are so powerful for me. This alium literally shimmers next to the purple leaved plant. I haven't quite captured the brilliance in this photo but each day I stare at it and go into raptures. I also have 2 purple leaved acers and when the sun shines through the leaves it is the most amazing sight. Anyone who knows me will recognise that I often choose purple as a colour for my clothes and in my art work. My hair even has a purplish tint to it. Natural you understand, naturally out of a bottle. Well, we all need a litle help from time to time. He he!
Are you passionate about colour? What is your favourite colour? Do tell!

more purpleness

I found this gorgeous knitted bag in lindylou handknits. It has such a lovely shape and I adore the pink flower detail. She sells other lovely bags and knitted items too.

What a cute teddy! This was in a shop called scruffystuff which is just the best name ever! Again, lots more goodies including some really sweet toy animals that kids would love.
As I have toyed with crochet recently, I was interested to find this dear little hat in maryfairy designs. I especially love the flower detail and coloured trim. Her hats come in a range of colours, but of course my favourite is purple!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

my three trees

Evidence of a purple love. Purple is my colour of choice. What's yours?

My three trees- I have 3 daughters who are all named after trees. I used this image as a print for my bags and thought why not make it in glass too. I am quite pleased with them and may do some more on this theme. I would love to learn how to make 3D shapes in glass and that is my next quest, to find a workshop on this. If I had a larger kiln I could make bowls though I want to experiment even further than this at some point.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Marvellous bargains! We went to Midhurst because I had seen a tabletop sale advertised. After forgetting to check where exactly it was, I had to swallow my pride and ask at the tourist information office. What a lovely lady she was and what a cosy little office. I felt quite envious and was busy planning my next career move until my husband burst my bubble by kindly pointing out that as we don't live in Midhurst I would not have the local knowledge required to fulfill such a role. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

When we did finally find the fair, it was very quiet and we were able to look at each stall at our leisure. I hate having to fight to look at something and would rather not bother than have to push my way to the front. Anyway, I found this lovely set of 5 cups , saucers and plates, all bone china and only £4.50 for the lot! Next I saw the serving dish on another table and they only wanted £1.50 for this. Mind you my husband asked me why we needed another one and was confused as to where we would put it! I told him that I just needed it and quickly paid the man before hubbie could drag me away!
My first commission! Well, I was asked to make the hearts in lime green especially for a customer so it is a mini commission I suppose! Anyway, I was so worried that she wouldn't like it that I made two for her to choose from. Amazingly, she liked them both and so bought the pair! Hurray. I was so excited. This has spurred me on to make more hearts and to look for more craft fairs. Anyone know of any fairs coming up in the Portsmouth, Chichester, Brighton areas?

Friday, 6 May 2011

some heart felt finds

I thought that I would have a go at collecting things I like from Folksy, on the theme of hearts as I am currently making a heart design in glass as a suncatcher for a customer! I can't believe that I actually have a commission! A lovely lady saw me at the craft fair and asked if I had any lime green hearts made. I bravely told her that I could make one specially for her and she was really pleased. I made 2 and took them out of the kiln this evening. I need to complete them tomorrow and then she can decide which one she wants. ( What a buzz!)
Anyway, back to the heart theme. These ceramic buttons are gorgeous and would look fab on any crafty item such as a card, cushion or mini quilt. Or.. anywhere really! They are made by Jude Allman. She has lots of other lovely goodies for sale including a fab bird brooch.
Having started to learn how to crochet, I was taken by these sweet crocheted hearts. Marie also makes them into garlands!
How I wish my girls were still small. I always liked dressing them in handmade clothes. My middle daughter loved black as a toddler and she particularly loved a black velvet skirt and black sweatshirt with a scotty dog design so much that she only wore this for days on end. I would have to sneak into her room at night, to collect the outfit and wash it ready for the next morning. This went on for until the outfit virtually fell to pieces!
Spottydottyshop made this dress and lots of other wonderful garments too.

I know that other people simply place the items they favour, without words but that seems detached. That is why I have written about why I chose the things I have chosen. I hope you enjoyed reading about them. Do you prefer photos only or do you like to read why they have been chosen? I'd love to know.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Square Tower.

Second Craft Fair, no longer a novice! I had a great time today at The Square Tower. I had better lights- from Ikea and that made quite a difference because , being a very ancient building with incredibly thick walls and few windows to bring in natural lighht, I needed it. I still forgot to take enough photos of the venue but I'm getting better organised each time. It surprises me how easily flustered I get and my husband made a hasty exit before he became a casualty! I did sell some work again, which was such a buzz.

 After my euphoria at having sold my work, my youngest daughter popped her head into the study to show me her riding boots. The zip has broken and they cost a bomb! She really needs them mended or replaced but has no money due to lack of a job!Returning to earth with a bump!!My husband brought me a glass of cider and now I can barely type. I am such a light weight!!