Monday, 2 May 2011

The Square Tower.

Second Craft Fair, no longer a novice! I had a great time today at The Square Tower. I had better lights- from Ikea and that made quite a difference because , being a very ancient building with incredibly thick walls and few windows to bring in natural lighht, I needed it. I still forgot to take enough photos of the venue but I'm getting better organised each time. It surprises me how easily flustered I get and my husband made a hasty exit before he became a casualty! I did sell some work again, which was such a buzz.

 After my euphoria at having sold my work, my youngest daughter popped her head into the study to show me her riding boots. The zip has broken and they cost a bomb! She really needs them mended or replaced but has no money due to lack of a job!Returning to earth with a bump!!My husband brought me a glass of cider and now I can barely type. I am such a light weight!!


  1. Hey, great job on your second craft fair! Funny how soon you get used to it :) Those lights are a winner! They look lovely! x

  2. Thank you. I did enjoy it a bit more this time and mostly felt less nervous. The lights were very cheap from Ikea, about £15 each! Bargain.Do you have any more fairs in the pipe line?


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