Friday, 18 March 2011

Not much time left !

Not much time left to organise things for my first fair next week! Oh my, am I out of my depth? Will anyone come and look? Have I remembered everything? Stop worrying...Yes, now!
Crazily, and as usual, I have taken on too much, against my husbands advice. Ages ago a friend invited me to join her on a rag rugging course and I agreed because I love learning anything new. However, it is tomorrow and I really need to spend time pricing and packing my stock. Perhaps it will help me relax. Am I rambling?


  1. I'm sure your stall will be a great success at the fair - I always find it hard to feel 100% prepared for them - just remember to have fun, that's why you craft! xx

  2. It is wonderful to receive such reassuring advice. I will have fun once I arrive and have set up for my first time, I am sure.


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