Thursday, 2 June 2011

steep learning curve

This weekend has been really busy. After a tiring half term, I was looking forward to a craft fair on the Saturday. My first outdoor event!

Apart from the diabolical wind, the organisers (a group of students), were not ready for over an hour after arrival time. They had promised a marquee, which turned out to be only the roof section, so no protection from the wind! Anyway, I thought lets give it a go so I bravely tied everything down that I could and began to set up shop.

Several other stall holders had given up already and there were mumblings about the impossibility of selling in such conditions.

The lady next to me gave up after her photographs dispersed themselves across the lawns! Then I noticed that, after carefully displaying what looked like lovely bags and textile items on a nearby stall, the whole lot had been blown onto the grass. Disaster! It wasn't long before she had packed up too.

With rapidly dwindling numbers of craft stalls, it seemed unlikely that I was going to make any sales on that occasion. I finally admitted defeat and gradually packed up my stock. I felt terrible, like a rat leaving the sinking ship, and I hope not to have to go through too many more days like this. I'm sure those of you with more experience might have decided not to go in the first place!

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