Thursday, 2 June 2011


Dragonflies ready to be fired above. Below was one I made earlier, in true Blue Peter tradition!
As part of the Havant Arts Trail, Making Space had some open access workshops available, so I took the opportunity to go along and use the time in the studio to make some more glass panels and coasters. It was fairly quiet as the weather was still a bit dull and windy, which allowed me to get on with making!

I have always been fascinated by the iridescent quality of dragonfly wings and love the way they dance and hover over our pond. My birds seem to have worked quite well so I decided to try dragonflies.

I had made a couple, the week before and was happily planning the next pair when a visitor came into the studio and asked to buy one I had already made. Exciting! But I hadn't thought about how much to ask so I guessed a price and she was happy with that. I find pricing very difficult. I hadn't expected to sell at all as I was just making for the day.

My husband is always nagging me to work out how much each thing costs to make, against how much I have spent on glass etc but I keep avoiding it because I know it will prove that it is very difficult for me to make money. At the moment I am just thrilled that anyone wants to buy my work.

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