Monday, 28 February 2011

weekend workshops

A good friend of mine was unable to run a workshop on basic jewellery and so she asked me to step in at the last moment. It was a bit scary at first but everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was only for the morning. We looked at making single loops, wrapped loops and jump rings and then people could create earings etc using these techniques. Most were able to make at least 2 pairs of earings in the time given, along with some samples and they seemed to have a good time. I was worried about the feedback forms but I had no need to, everyone was very positive about their experience.
 I am wondering if blog visitors might want to see photos of how to do these techniques?
Next Sunday I am also running a felt making workshop. Again it is only for a morning, so I think I will teach the group how to make felt beads and bangles. Last time the workshop was all day and I could cover more, but the shop owner only wants morning sessions this time.
Would people like photo instructions of this too? Let me know what you think please. I want to keep improving my blog and this may be one way to do it.

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