Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fame at last ?

I am soo excited  for two reasons! One, I was looking through the West Dean College brochure when I suddenly spotted myself in one of the photographs! It is not the most flattering of photos! I still think I  am about 20 though the reality is very different!!But hey! I had been on a summer school doing willow work and was busy making a lantern to go out on my deck in the evenings.
The second reason is because I have booked to go on the summer sampler weekend. I went last year and it was great fun. I met loads of lovely people and experienced crafts that I wouldn't normally attempt. You get 4 half day workshops and come away with an item from each. I have chosen printmaking, jewellery, making a fabric bag and small scale wire sculpture. I can't wait to do the last one especially, as I love the work of Cathy Miles.

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