Sunday, 3 April 2011


Obviously music was needed to set the mood! I love Elbow and can be heard singing along to my hearts content. The only problem for those nearby ( apart from my voice,) is that I don't know all the words so I lah to it, which probaly annoys the  neighbours. What the heck! I am enjoying myself!
I cut the lino after drawing out my design, then prepared the ink. I used an old acrylicchocolate box case to roll out my ink.
One of the pieces of advice I was given was to have work in progress during quiet periods on your stall, so I nervously took out my sketch book. I had bought inexpensive carrier bags and felt that they lacked something. Brainwave! Why not make a lino print to decorate my bags? I already had all the equipment so it should be easy! I set to and began designing, at first more realsitically, but this didn't match with my style of glass so then I simplified the design until I had one that might work.
Next, I searched high and lo because I had put the lino and tools in a safe place- never to be found again! Am I the only one this happens to? Finally, lino tools discovered in the spare bedroom-where else? !!

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